Argus Digital Painting

Argus painting by John Messing, registered copyright

In ancient Greek mythology, Argus was the hundred-eyed giant watchman of Hera, who was a goddess and one of the twelve Olympians. She was the sister and wife of Zeus. Zeus had Argos slain by Hermes. After his death, Hera had Argus' hundred eyes preserved forever in the peacock's tail.

This painting depicts the final stages in the rebirthing of Argus as a peacock. A hint of rear legs still being transformed into the peacock's tail can be seen in the changing dimensions of the tail (the giant's left leg), viewed in the picture from the creature's left side. It has shortened to just above the knee, while widening as it does, and it has already sprouted the peacock's characteristic feathers. The right leg, behind and somewhat below the left one, is in the process of disappearing altogether, as the transformation to bird becomes complete.


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